District-Based Election

Beginning with the November 2018 election, Concord voters participated in the first district-based election, when three City Council seats were up for election. The seats up for election were in Districts 1, 3, and 5. In the November 2020 election, voters elected Councilmembers in Districts 2 and 4. Find Your District Opens in new window

Councilmember terms overlap, with three Councilmembers elected one year and the other two elected two years later. Councilmembers serve a four-year term. The Councilmembers choose amongst themselves who will serve as Mayor and Vice Mayor, who serve a one-year term. The City Councilmembers also serve as the Local Reuse Authority for the Concord Naval Weapons Station, and the Concord/Pleasant Hill Health Care District.

Beginning with the 2018 election and moving forward, candidates will be elected from districts where they live.

In November 2021, the City will begin the Redistricting process based on 2020 Census data. Find out how you can get involved and share your ideas!

Permanent Ballot Box

Contra ballot box at city hall - version 2Costa County Elections has installed a secure permanent ballot box at Concord's Civic Center, 1950 Parkside Drive.

Map showing ballot box location

Election Schedule

District Seat Up for Election
Current Member(s)
District 1 November 2022 Laura Hoffmeister
District 2
November 2024 Carlyn Obringer
District 3
November 2022 Dominic Aliano
District 4
November 2024 Edi Birsan
District 5
November 2022 Tim McGallian
Treasurer November 2022 Patti Barsotti

Measure V

Concord voters approved Measure V in the November 2020 elections. Learn More!

City Council

The City Council meets on the first, second, and fourth Tuesday of each month. In addition to regularly scheduled Council meetings, Councilmembers will generally spend time reviewing material in preparation for the meetings; attend additional meetings as necessary, including Council Committee meetings; and may be required to travel. City Councilmembers are compensated $1,352 per month.

City Treasurer

The City Treasurer is an elected position that serves at large for a four-year term and does not serve the City on a full-time basis. The City Treasurer seat is up for election in November 2022. The duties associated with the office of Treasurer are performed by the Senior Financial Analyst, a regular City employee within the City's Finance Department. The Treasurer serves primarily in an advisory capacity and provides oversight in the following areas:

  • Effectively managing the City's investment portfolio
  • Monitoring cash flow requirements to ensure sufficient liquidity
  • Providing quarterly investment portfolio reports to the City Council within 30 days of quarter end
  • Reviewing and updating the City's Investment Policy prior to submission to the City Council annually

The City Treasurer is compensated $600 per month.