City of Concord California

News Release

April 7, 2015

IRS Phone Scam


The Concord Police Department has received reports of phone scams involving aggressive callers posing as members of the IRS requesting payment for alleged back taxes. The callers have threatened to have them arrested for failing to pay IRS back taxes. For your information, the IRS never requests payment over the phone. All notifications for taxes owed are made via written notification from the Internal Revenue Service.

The majority of these scams, if not all, involve subjects calling from outside of the area and, often times, outside of the state. The phone numbers will often show on Caller ID as a 1-800 number or a number with an area code from the Washington D.C. area.

If you receive any calls of this nature, do not engage the caller. Do not supply your personal information to the caller and do not transfer any money to these callers.

In order to ensure these scams are appropriately investigated thus increasing the likelihood of the responsible suspects being located and prosecuted, the Inspector General of the U.S. Treasury Department has set up an online reporting system. This is for reports of all phone scams whereby callers pose as representatives of the I.R.S.

In cooperation with the I.R.S. and in order to create a centralized reporting system for these incidents, the Concord Police Department will no longer take reports of these phone scams unless extenuating circumstances dictate otherwise. Instead, you will be referred to the I.R.S. so that your report is handled appropriately and becomes part of our collaborative investigative efforts with the Internal Revenue Service. Anyone wishing to report such a scam may use the link below.

The IRS has also sent a warning about these phone scams to taxpayers.

Thank you for your attention to this minor change in our reporting system. The Concord Police Department is dedicated to providing the best service possible to our community and as your police department, we believe this new system of reporting these incidents directly to the I.R.S. provides the most effective means of addressing this ongoing pattern of criminal behavior, while still serving our community to the highest standard of both customer service and professionalism.

City of Concord CA