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News Release

August 2, 2017

New Concord Residential Rent Review Panel seeks members

The Concord City Council has announced the opening of a recruitment for the new Concord Residential Rent Review Panel. The panel's role will be to review case material related to rent disputes that have been submitted by landlords and tenants where resolution has not been achieved through mediation, and to render a non-binding decision in a public hearing.

All members of the panel must be Concord residents and will include three members and three alternates, all appointed to a term of four years, expiring February 28, 2022:

  • One member and one alternate must be a landlord of a multi-family complex of three or more units, with priority to landlords that own property within the City of Concord.
  • One member and one alternate must be a tenant of a multi-family complex of three or more units.
  • One member and one alternate must be a neutral party, for example, a single family homeowner.

Before the panel hears a case, ECHO, a nonprofit housing counseling agency based in Hayward, will provide conciliation and mediation services in English or Spanish through the Residential Rent Review Program.

In the event an agreement is not reached during rent review mediation, either party may request a hearing before the Rent Review Panel within 10 calendar days after notice of completion of the conciliation and mediation process has been issued.

The hearing will be scheduled within 30 calendar days of the request for consideration and will be a public hearing. City staff will prepare a short staff report for the panel, presenting the facts of the case but with no recommendation. At the hearing, the landlord and tenant will each have an opportunity to make their case. The panel will review documents in the record, call witnesses who may be present, and make a recommendation to resolve the dispute. The ordinance provides an illustrative list of the types of factors the panel may consider in reaching their conclusion, including the past history of rent increases, the landlord's operating and capital costs, existing market rents for similar units, and reductions in service to the tenant.

The panel's determination will be formalized by staff in a brief report, and mailed to the landlord and tenant within seven calendar days of the hearing. Although the determination is non-binding, the landlord and tenant would have the option of formalizing the agreement utilizing a form signed by both parties.

The deadline for receipt of applications by the City Clerk is Friday, August 25 at 5 p.m. Applications forms are available at the City's website at

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