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September 28, 2017

Concord poised to welcome Marble Robotics to growing roster of autonomous technology providers

The Concord City Council will vote Oct. 3 on approving a pilot program that would welcome Marble Robotics to the community. Marble Robotics' fleet of intelligent courier robots would join a growing roster of autonomous technology providers, including Starship Technologies and vehicle companies based at the GoMentum Station, such as EasyMile, Uber Advanced Technologies Group (OttoMotto Llc), Baidu and Honda.

Marble's zero-emissions robot is perfectly suited to transport essentials such as groceries, meals and sundries. Each robot contains a swappable cargo bay designed to efficiently transport various types of goods, because the best way to transport warm meals may not be the best way to transport sundries. With safety as a top priority, each device is equipped with 360-degree sensor vision, roves at casual walking speeds and can stop instantly, even in the most unexpected cases.

“We are excited about the possibility of welcoming Marble Robotics to Concord. Autonomous technology is the future of safely and efficiently transporting both people and goods, and we're fast becoming the capital of autonomous tech,” said Pedro Garcia, Economic Development Specialist of the City of Concord. “This approval would provide the customers an early taste of tomorrow's conveniences and provide Marble Robotics with the perfect landscape to test its robots.”

If approved the agreement would come on the heels of another recent approval Concord made to allow Starship Technologies to test its personal delivery devices in the downtown neighborhood. That one-year pilot kicks off soon and allows local businesses and customers the convenience of automated fast delivery of food and other goods.

The city is also home to GoMentum Station, the nation's largest secure testing facility for autonomous and connected vehicle technology. A recent state budget appropriation of $3.5 million ensures continued support of the public-private partnership between Concord, the Contra Costa Transportation Authority and Stantec.

Upon approval, Marble Robotics would run a pilot for up to two years, with a focus on the neighborhoods surrounding downtown Concord.

For more information, contact Pedro Garcia at (925) 671-3048.

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