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News Release

January 29, 2018

Multi-discipline martial arts class offered

A multi-discipline martial arts class begins Tuesday, Feb. 6 from 7 to 8 p.m. at the Concord Senior Center, 2727 Parkside Circle.

Master Ping Zhen Cheng is one of the few teachers to have inherited the vast knowledge of five systems of internal martial arts style and healing arts. Exercises performed will stress the use of Universal Energy of Ki, core energy exercises, self-defense applications and partner drills incorporating six martial arts: Sun Style Tai Chi, '8 Trigram Palm', Xingyi, Tongbei, Yiquan and Aikido.

To register, visit, course #105908. For more information, contact Program Coordinator Dario Sanchez at (925) 671-3017.

City of Concord CA