Laura M. Hoffmeister, Mayor
Ronald E. Leone, Vice Mayor
Edi E. Birsan
Timothy S. Grayson
Daniel C. Helix
Civic Center
1950 Parkside Drive
Concord, CA 94519

City of Concord California

Regular Meeting of the Concord City Council

April 26, 2016       5:30 p.m. Closed Session - 6:30 p.m. Open Session       Council Chamber. 1950 Parkside Dr.

Information for the public on participation at Council meetings can be found on the back of the Speaker Identification Card located near the Council Chamber entrance. Should you have any questions after consulting the Speaker Identification Card, please contact the City Clerk prior to the Council meeting.

AGENDIZED ITEMS - The public is entitled to address the City Council on items appearing on the agenda before or during the City Council’s consideration of that item. Each speaker will be limited to approximately three minutes.


    Roll Call
  2. PUBLIC COMMENT (Open Session)
    1. CONFERENCE WITH LABOR NEGOTIATORS pursuant to Government Code Section 54957.6
      City Negotiators: Valerie Barone, City Manager; Jovan Grogan, Deputy City Manager; Charles Sakai, Esq. and Don Turko of Renne, Sloan, Holtzman & Sakai

      Employee Organizations: Field and Operations Representation Unit of International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 856 and Professional Representation Unit of OPEIU Local 29.

      Unrepresented Units: Management
    Roll Call
    Pledge to the Flag - Councilmember Grayson
    This is a fifteen minute Public Comment Period for items within the City Council's subject matter jurisdiction that are not on this agenda. Each speaker will be limited to approximately three minutes. State law prohibits the City Council from acting at this meeting on any matter raised during the Public Comment Period.
    1. Presentation - by Damaris Sambajon, IT Systems and Programming Manager, and Tim Stuart, Information Technology Manager, on the Concord Connect mobile app, a new way to report non-emergency issues like potholes, illegal dumping, abandoned vehicles, graffiti, or broken streetlights. Introduction by Mayor Hoffmeister.
    1. Announcing - a recruitment to fill an unscheduled vacancy on the Measure Q Oversight Committee for a term ending February 28, 2017; and setting Friday, May 6, 2016, at 5 p.m. as the deadline for receipt of applications by the City Clerk. Recommended by the City Clerk.
    1. Consenting - to the City of Pleasant Hill's request to allow Sunvalley Mall and certain other City of Concord commercial properties to be included in the Pleasant Hill Landscaping and Lighting Assessment District #20, Commercial Area Landscaping and Lighting. Resolution No. 16-30 for adoption. (No fiscal impact) Recommended by the Director of Public Works.
    2. Confirming - the recommendation for appointment of Rosanne Nieto to serve on the Contra Costa Transportation Authority Citizens' Advisory Committee. (No fiscal impact) Recommended by the Mayor.
    3. Certifying - the Final Measure J Calendar Years 2014 and 2015 Growth Management Program Compliance Checklist for receipt of Fiscal Years 2015-16 and 2016-17 Local Street Maintenance and Improvement Funds; and authorizing Mayor to sign the Checklist. Recommended by the Director of Community and Economic Development.
    4. Accepting - the Preliminary Engineer's Reports and Ordering Improvements in the Downtown Landscape Maintenance District, Pine Hollow Landscape Maintenance District, Landscaping and Lighting Maintenance District No. 3, and the Citywide Street Lighting Assessment District, and setting a public hearing for June 7, 2016. Resolution Nos. 16-22, 16-23, 16-24, 16-25, 16-26, 16-27, 16-28, and 16-29 for adoption. Recommended by the Director of Public Works.
    5. Approving - a Four-Year Lease and Professional Services Agreement with an option to extend the support agreement for one additional year with KBA Docusys for multi-function copier equipment, support and maintenance in the amount of $210,162.44 plus copying overage charges, if any, annually; and authorizing the City Manager to execute the agreements. (General Fund) Recommended by the Director of Information Technology.
    The public is entitled to address the City Council on items appearing on the agenda before or during the City Council's consideration of that item. Each speaker will be limited to approximately three minutes.
    1. Allowing for public comment - on Police Department Procedure 96, the Use of Automated License Plate Readers (ALPR). (No fiscal impact) Report by John Nunes, Police Lieutenant.
    2. Appointing - an applicant to serve on the Concord Pavilion Outreach Committee. (No fiscal impact) Report by the Council Committee on Recreation, Cultural Affairs & Community Service.
    3. Awarding - a contract in the amount of $430,000 to Vintage Contractors, Inc. for the resurfacing of three (3) tennis courts at Concord Community Park and eight (8) tennis courts at Willow Pass Park, and the installation of fourteen (14) pickleball courts at Willow Pass Park (Building Replacement Fund) Report by Justin Ezell, Director of Public Works.
    4. Awarding - a construction contract in the amount of $852,612.95 to Granite Construction of Santa Clara; approving a Professional Services Agreement with Swinerton Management and Consulting of Concord in the amount of $121,880 for construction management services; and authorizing the City Manager to execute the Agreement for Concord Various Streets Preservation, Project No. 2292. (Funded by OBAG Grant, Measure J and CalRecycle Grant) Report by Mario Camorongan, Senior Civil Engineer.
    Persons who wish to speak on Public Hearings listed on the agenda will be heard when the public hearing is opened, except on public hearing items previously heard and closed to public comment. After the public has commented, the item is closed to further public comment and brought to the Council/Agency level for discussion and action. Further comment from the audience will not be received unless requested by the Council/Agency. No public hearing shall commence after 10 p.m. unless approved by majority vote of the City Council.
    1. Considering - approval of the FY 2016/17 Action Plan, including the Community Services Commission 2016/17 funding recommendations for programs/projects. (No fiscal impact) Report by Brenda Kain, Program Manager.
    2. Considering - adoption of City of Concord Policy and Procedure No. 170, User Fees and Charges Cost Recovery Policy, establishing policy guidelines for setting and updating user fees and charges and establishing cost recovery goals; and amending Exhibit A to Resolution No. 78-6042 establishing fees and charges for various municipal services in the City of Concord. Resolution No. 16-6042.1 for adoption. Report by Karan Reid, Director of Finance.
    Correspondence received at the City Council meeting will be listed here on the Annotated Agenda.
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    Council Reports

Next Meeting: City Council
Date: 5/3/2016 - 6:30 p.m.

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