City of Concord, California

Traffic Information

Average Daily Traffic Counts

City MapsFor information regarding traffic signals, signs and street markings, or general transportation questions and requests, please call (925) 671-3132.

Most of the City's arterial and connector streets are seen in Maps shows the downtown and western area of town. These maps may be used:

  • as a yardstick for present traffic conditions
  • a tool for establishing needs or priorities
  • a reference for public information purposes
  • a consideration in air pollution research
  • as basic reference for traffic volume computations

Speed Humps

Speed limit

Trails and Bicycle Lane

Bicycle Racks


Truck Routes

The Concord Municipal code, Section 106-251, designates the red highlighted streets in the Truck Route Map as truck routes. Truck routes are those streets or parts of streets designated for the movement of vehicles exceeding a maximum gross weight of three (3) tons. Trucks greater than three (3) tons are prohibited from using all other streets except when necessary to travel to their destination for the purpose of loading or unloading. Passenger buses, public utility vehicles while in use in the construction, installation, or repair of any public utility, and refuse collection vehicles are exempt from using only truck routes.

511 is a free phone and Web service that consolidates Bay Area transportation information into a one-stop resource. 511 provides up-to-the-minute information on traffic conditions, incidents and driving times, schedule, route and fare information for the Bay Area's public transportation services, instant carpool and vanpool referrals, bicycling information and more.

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