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Building Division: About us

Mission Statement: "Ensuring a safe and sustainable built environment."

The Building Division provides plan checking, permit administration, and inspection services for new construction, additions, and remodels of residential and non-residential projects within the City of Concord.

Administrative Services

Permit Center Technicians provide the following development review services related to building permits:

  • Responds to permit status inquiries and general questions about permit processes
  • Records Management (imaging, researching, records requests, etc.)
  • plan review of small residential projects
  • Fee collection and issuing refunds (e.g., security deposits)
  • Permit initialization and Issuance (e.g., building permits, reroof permits, solar PV permits, pool permits, miscellaneous electrical, mechanical, or plumbing permits)
  • Monitoring applicant's submittals of external approvals (e.g., Fire District, Health, BAAQMD, School District, Special Inspection Final Reports, Final Waste Management Report)
  • Permit application routing to all divisions
  • Coordination of Consolidated Plan Review Comments from all divisions

General Line:  925-671-3107
General email box:

Plan Review Services

The Building Division provides plan review services for all residential and non-residential projects, including OSHP-3 clinics and facilities.  The Building Division is responsible for reviewing permit applications for compliance with all applicable local, state and federal building codes and regulations. These include building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, accessibility, CALGreen, fire, and energy efficiency codes and standards.
General Line:  925-671-3107
General email box:

Inspection Services

The Building Division provides inspection services for all residential and non-residential projects, including OSHP-3 clinics and facilities.  The division performs field inspections on all permits issued to verify compliance with local, state, and federal codes.  For inspection services, please refer to the Inspection Process guide.

C & D Waste Management Services

Contact:  Permit Center Technician
Lead Permit Center Technician:  Ana Rivera
C&D Help Desk:  925-671-2700
C&D Help Desk:
As of July 1, 2013 City of Concord mandates the use of GreenHalo ( for permit holders subject to the City's Waste Management provisions to track and submit their final C&D Waste Management reports.  The use of GreenHalo's basic features is free to the City and to permit holders.  For questions on use of GreenHalo, please contact GreenHalo Customer Service: 1-888-525-1301

Building Code Enforcement Services

The Building Division is responsible for providing building code enforcement services to address substandard building conditions and violations of the City of Concord's Construction Codes.  To learn more or to report potential building code violations, see the Building Code Enforcement Process guideline.

Multi-Family Rental Inspection Program Services

On March 7, 2000, the Concord City Council adopted Ordinance No. 00-2 establishing the Multi-family Rental Dwelling Unit Inspection and Maintenance Code. The purpose of the ordinance is to proactively identify blighted and deteriorated housing stock and to ensure the rehabilitation or elimination of housing that does not meet minimum Building Code and Housing Code standards. In addition, the ordinance is intended to promote safety and further preserve and enhance the quality of life for residents of the City dwelling in multi-family units.  To learn more about the program, please visit the Multi-Family Inspection Program's (MFIP) web page at

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