City of Concord, California

Building Division - Multi-Family Residential and Non-Residential Project Information

Submittal Requirements

The following are submittal requirements for various types of commercial projects. For a more in depth guide to the overall permitting process see the Permit Process Guideline.

  • New Buildings and Additions (CNEW and CADD)
  • Minor Development: Alterations or Repairs (CALT)
  • Solar (CSOLAR)
  • Pools or Spas(CPOOL)
  • Signs (CSIGN)
  • Miscellaneous Mechanical, Electrical or Plumbing (CMEP)
  • Demolition (CDEMO)

Unreasonable Hardship Documentation (For use with non-residential projects)

Non-residential projects subject to Title 24 Access requirements of Chapter 11B may utilize exceptions within the chapter that require determination of Unreasonable Hardship, as it is defined in the California Building Code for its intended purpose.

The current and previous year's valuation threshold for use with existing buildings undergoing alterations, structural repairs or additions may be found at the Division of State Architect web site.

Applicants desiring to submit an unreasonable hardship for evaluation by the Chief Building Official may utilize the Unreasonable Hardship Form.

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