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Building Division - Multi-Family Rental Inspection Program

The purpose of the Multi Family Inspection Program is to ensure that every resident who resides in a Multi-Family community in Concord can feel safe about where they are living. Our Multi-Family Inspection Program addresses Bed Bugs, Tenant Complaints, Building Code Enforcement and Housing Code Violations.

New 2017 Program Changes!

On November 29, 2016 City Council adopted program changes that affect program cycle, inspection rates, and inspection frequencies; adopt new fees structures; and authorize two additional staff positions beginning January 1, 2017.  The following web page has been created to provide information on how the program will be transitioned from a 3-year cycle to a 2-year cycle-based program and how the program will be transitioned from a calendar-year-based program to a fiscal-year-based program.

Program Description

To address complaints from residents about serious life, health and safety violations, and improve the quality of life, in multi-family rental housing units, the Concord City Council unanimously adopted the Multiple Family Rental Dwelling Unit Inspections and Maintenance Code (referred to as the "Code") of the City of Concord on March 7, 2000. (Ordinance 00-2) (CMC 9820).
The purpose of the Code is to proactively identify blighted and deteriorated multi-family residential buildings and to ensure the rehabilitation or elimination of rental housing that does not meet the minimum Building and Housing Code standards and to ensure that rental housing conforms to the Code's exterior and site maintenance standards.
The Code applies to all residential rental buildings, including rooming houses, having four (4) units or more on one parcel, or site, including parking lots, driveways, landscaping, accessory structures, fences, walls swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas. Hotels, motels, bed and breakfast, and similar occupancies are specifically excluded from the requirements of the Code.
As of January 1, 2017, the Multi-Family Inspection Program ("MFIP" or "Program") operates on a 2-year fiscal-year-based cycle.  During each 2-year cycle of a complex's assigned program cycle a City building inspector inspects the rental dwelling units and their associated properties to determine whether such properties comply with provisions of the Code.  Structures and premises that do not comply with the provisions of the Code will need to be altered or repaired to obtain the required level of compliance or, in rare instances, must be demolished.

Program Code Enforcement Services

In addition to the normal inspection process of the Program, the city also performs the following code enforcement services within the Program:

  • Addresses complaints or proactive enforcement related to construction without permit and/or inspection
  • Addresses complaints or proactive enforcement related to substandard building issues and violations of the Code's exterior and site maintenance standards
  • Issues notices and orders related to building code violations 
  • Issues citations for violation of Program regulations and for non-compliance with notices and orders
  • Initiates legal proceedings when necessary to abate hazards under the Program


  • Complaints related to nuisances, such as excessive noise, or violations of zoning or other aspects of the Development Code should be referred to the Police Department's Code Enforcement Unit.
  • Complaints related to alleged violations of the City's Construction Codes that are not within the purview of the Multi-Family Rental Inspection Program (MFIP) should be referred to the Building Code Enforcement process.

Bed Bug cases

As of July 1, 2017, bed bug cases will be handled by the MFIP and not by the Police Department's Code Enforcement Unit. For more information on Bed Bug violations and on the City's strategy to handle bed bug cases, please visit the City'sBed Bugweb page.

How to report alleged Code violations

Always start by reporting the concern to your landlord or property manager to give them an opportunity to fix the problems.  It is recommended that you report the problem to the landlord or property manager both by telephone and in writing. Be sure to specifically describe the problem in your request.  If no action is taken to correct the problem after a reasonable amount of time has passed, you may contact the Multi Family Inspection Program for assistance either by telephone, by email, or by regular mail. The building inspector or permit technician that you speak with will take your information and, if necessary, open a multi-family inspection case and schedule an inspection of the apartment or exterior area in order to follow up on the alleged Code violations.
Please be ready to provide the following information:

  • Your name (you may remain anonymous; however, it may increase the time needed to address issues because permission to enter an apartment must be given to the city by the actual tenant or the landlord)
  • Property address, including unit #
  • Telephone number and/or e-mail address
  • Description of the needed repair or problem.
  • Whether the problem was reported to the landlord or property manager
  • The name and contact information of the person you reported the problem to.
  • Describe how the problem was reported to the landlord or property manager (In person, by phone, and/or in writing).  Provide copies of any written correspondence to date.
  • Describe any action taken so far by the owner, manager, maintenance staff or contractor/repair technician to date to fix the problem.

You can also fill out a complaint form and submit by email, mail, fax , or in person.

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