City of Concord, California


Grading Application

Stormwater Management and Discharge Control Procedure
Chapter 86, Article II, Section 86-31

Stormwater control plan required.
Section 86-35

Prohibited Discharges
Section 86-36

Discharge in Violation of NPDES Permit
Section 86-37

Unlawful Discharge and Unlawful Connections
Section 86-38

Best Management Practices and Standards (BMP)
Section 86-39

Compliance Certificates for Stormwater Management Facilities; Financing Mechanisms
Section 86-40

Authority to Inspect
Section 86-41

Grading, Erosion and Sediment Control Intent and purpose; general provisions
Chapter 86, Article III, Section 86-71

Grading permit; reports; surety bond; erosion control measures
Section 86-73

Control of work; standards for work
Section 86-74

City of Concord CA