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Public Works Services

Public Works strives to develop and provide a variety of customer driven maintenance services and programs to protect the City's investment of infrastructure and public facilities and ensure the health and safety of Concord's community in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

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Facility Operations and Programs

Building Maintenance: Deliver building maintenance services to 68 buildings and 373,539 square feet of building area which preserve and protect the City's investment in public facilities and meet the needs of internal and external customers for safe, functional, and presentable public facilities.

Custodial Services: Provide custodial services for a healthy and safe environment to our diverse customer base in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

Graffiti Removal: Provide an environment of zero tolerance for graffiti to illustrate Concord's uniqueness and define Concord as California's premier community.

Fleet Management: Provide efficient and timely maintenance of City vehicles to ensure staff has vehicles available when necessary.

Lease Management: Provide Lease Management services for City/Agency to meet program goals by obtaining necessary property rights, within agreed upon time frames.


Parks Services: Provide safe, aesthetically pleasing parks designed and maintained to meet the diverse needs for active and passive recreation and leisure activities.

Street Trees, Medians and Open Space: Provide a variety of programs to maintain streetscapes; including street trees and traffic medians, open space areas and public right-of-way in an aesthetically pleasing condition and achieve mandated requirements for public safety in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

Landscape Maintenance: Concord Landscape Maintenance Districts provide the highest quality service level to landscaped areas as specified in maintenance contract specifications and annual budget documents.


Curbs, Gutters and Sidewalk Maintenance: Maintain curbs, gutters, and sidewalks to ensure safe walking surfaces and efficient surface runoff on the 875 curb miles of City frontage improvements.

Street Maintenance: Provide preventative maintenance programs to ensure rehabilitation/reconstructs are at the optimal program level on the City's 337 street miles per year.

Street Sweeping: Maintain a regular Street Sweeping Program to provide clean streets minimizing the amount of debris entering the City's storm drain system. Ensure that the City's 875 curb miles are swept.


Citywide Street Lighting District: Provide citywide street lighting services including electrical costs, street light repair and replacement, capital improvements, and Assessment District proceedings through the Citywide Street Lighting Assessment District.

Traffic Operations: Coordinate and facilitate the safe movement of motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, and goods by providing efficient and effective traffic control devices, and addressing citizen requests with traffic concerns. Traffic Information

Traffic Signals and Street Lighting: Provide cost-effective maintenance and repair of all traffic signals and traffic signal systems.

Transportation Signs and Markings: Install and maintain all roadway signs and markings. The signs and markings provide direction, guidance and specific requirements for drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists.


Sewer Collection System: Perform preventive maintenance and make routine repairs to the pump station and the sewer collection system to provide a safe and healthy environment in the cities of Clayton and Concord in an efficient cost-effective manner.
Sanitary Sewer Information

Storm Drainage Management: Provide maintenance of storm drainage facilities including creeks, channels, and piped storm drainage system.

Creek maintenance: Property owners with a creek on their property, or property owners fronting a creek, must maintain the creek and abutting vegetation, including removal of any trash accumulated by the creek. Creek maintenance information.

Stormwater Program: Prevent pollution in stormwater runoff through construction site planning, design, maintenance and inspection; on-site inspection of commercial and ind ustrial activities; public education and industrial outreach; wet weather monitoring; and special studies. Concord is one of 21 agencies that form the Contra Costa Clean Water Program.

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