City of Concord, California

Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Information and ResourcesThe City of Concord recognizes bed bugs as a public health pest, capable of producing negative physical health, mental health and economic consequences. The City is devoted to providing information and available resources to property owners and tenants alike to aide in their efforts to abate bed bugs. The City of Concord encourages owners and tenants to work cooperatively to address bed bugs in a prompt manner to help prevent the spread of bugs to adjacent units and within the community. In circumstances when effective cooperation cannot be achieved, the City of Concord commits to address the matter as a public nuisance.

Within this philosophy, each stakeholder has several roles and responsibilities. If even a single responsibility is overlooked, the bedbug nuisance may continue.

Property Owner's Role

Review the web pages listed below and follow the strategies described.

Respond immediately to bedbug complaints by:

  • Hiring a pest management professional to perform bed bug inspection and abatement for the entire building.
  • Create a written abatement plan with the pest management professional.
  • Work with tenants to rid the property of bedbugs.

Tenant's Role

  • Contact the landlord in writing immediately upon suspecting a bedbug infestation.
  • Review the web pages listed below and follow the strategies described.
  • Cooperate with the property owner and pest management professionals during inspections and abatement.

Bed Bug Resources

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